City of Eudora negotiating with water district after long-running court battle

After a decade of battling in federal courts, the city of Eudora and Douglas County Rural Water District No. 4 have started back-and-forth negotiations to resolve a dispute about the delivery of water service in the southern parts of the city.

On Wednesday, the Eudora City Commission accepted a proposal from the board of RWD No. 4 that would establish a $12,000-per-meter price for the city to buy the service rights for the homes within the city limits that are receiving service from the water district and create a boundary line to separate the two services.

In addition to stating a per-meter price to purchase water service rights, the RWD No. 4 proposal acknowledges the city will grow with a concession to surrender future water service areas as the city annexes land to the south.

Commissioners agreed a counter-proposal would be presented to the water district, stating the city’s proposed price for the meters and its suggested future boundary line.

Eudora City Manager Barack Matite said there were about 100 homes in the disputed area, but not all were now within the city limits. The city would not purchase meters for the homes outside the city limits until those areas were annexed, he said.

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