Residents lobby Roeland Park council to address sinkhole problem ‘as fast as we can’

Roeland Park councilmembers continued their discussion Monday on how to remedy the failed section of pipe causing sinkholes in the rear yard of two homes on the 56th block of Roeland Drive.

The council approved $18,800 in funding for Larkin Lamp Rynearson to design and inspect the removal and replacement of the section of failed corrugated pipe. The inspection will inform the city’s tentative plan to replace the failed corrugated metal pipe with concrete pipe and new inlets and manholes along the existing pipe alignment.

These improvements, expected to cost around $131,000, would remain if the city moved forward with completing the RC12-018 project. Councilmembers also gave the thumbs up for city staff to use a modified bid approach that would expedite the process of replacing the pipe.

The project has been identified as a maintenance issue and will be funded through the Special Infrastructure Fund.

City administrator Keith Moody said safety concerns associated with the sinkholes raised the level of urgency for getting the problem fixed.

“We’ve got open holes and there is the potential of harm,” he said.

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