Prairie Village considering new ‘potentially dangerous’ and ‘vicious’ animal designations

Following a string of appeals to city animal control officers’ moves to declare dogs dangerous under city code, the Prairie Village city council is considering updates to its animal control ordinances that would provide new classifications for animals that might pose a threat and a new process for declaring animals dangerous.

Current city code provides a mechanism to declare a dog or cat “dangerous” when it has, unprovoked, aggressively bitten or otherwise attacked a person or domestic animal. The proposed update to the code would add two new classifications: “potentially dangerous” and “vicious.”

Draft language prepared by police and animal control staff in coordination with the city attorney that was vetted by the council on Monday would deem animals that have bitten people or domestic animals or that have a history of chasing people or approaching them in a menacing manner as “potentially dangerous.” Vicious animals, under the proposed code update, would be those that have attacked and killed a domestic animal or that have inflicted a bite on a human that caused serious physical injury or death.

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