Kiowa still recovering from storm damage

Barber County residents are still picking up the pieces from a storm that shook up an entire town, including a high school that’s working double time to get the campus back in order before school starts. KSN was in Kiowa the day after the storm earlier this month and went back Tuesday to speak to residents about how they are recovering.

The National Weather Service told the folks that live in Kiowa that the damage was caused by a five minute downward micro burst. This was something that Kiowa had never seen before. However, to the residents that actually live in Kiowa, this was just a really bad day that stretched them thin.

“Things like this can really take a lifetime to recover from,” said Kiowa resident, Greg Miller. “People sometimes forget about us out here because we are a very small town.”

Now, it’s all about the recovery and for some folks like Greg, that suffered extensive damage, he’s willing to get things back in order by any means necessary.

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