Frontenac City Council learns of deannexation plan

The Frontenac City Council was informed about Sugar Creek Packing growth plans, which include deannexation from the city — and annexation into the City of Pittsburg — in its regular meeting Monday.

The council was informed in executive session, that Sugar Creek recently met with city staff to discuss its future growth plan. According to a release, Sugar Creek informed the city that its plan includes deannexation from Frontenac, as well as acquiring the city’s lagoon system, and being annexed by the City of Pittsburg.

“The City of Frontenac has enjoyed a successful partnership with Sugar Creek since its establishment in 1982,” Mayor Jim Kennedy said in a release. “Great efforts have been made by the city to foster this relationship. The dedication Sugar Creek has shown as a cornerstone in the community is greatly appreciated.”

As Kennedy points out, Sugar Creek has been located in Frontenac since 1982, and while deannexation would cost the city land and tax revenue, City Attorney Tim Fielder said the overall impact of the loss of business in the community cannot be calculated.

“There is no positive outcome of deannexation for the City of Frontenac,” he said.

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