Commission rescinds $10,000 contribution for sewer district

When they met Thursday, Leavenworth County commissioners rescinded an earlier vote that would have contributed $10,000 to reduce the 2018 assessments for residents of Sewer District No. 3. Residents in Sewer District No. 3, which includes Glenwood Estates near Basehor, are charged assessments each year to pay off a $1.13 million loan that was used to pay for the transition from a lagoon system to the Basehor sewer system. The lagoon system was ordered closed by the state.
The 20-year loan is scheduled to be paid off in 2031. Interim County Counselor David Van Parys reviewed opinions issued by the Kansas Attorney General’s Office ahead of Thursday’s hearing.

Based on these opinions, Van Parys said any continued or additional use of county economic development funds for Sewer District No. 3 would be inappropriate unless there are blight conditions in the district.
“There’s no finding that there’s a blight situation in the area,” he said.

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