Lawrence City Commission to consider parking plan with 30 potential changes

At their meeting Tuesday, Lawrence city commissioners will consider a parking plan that calls for widespread changes to how the city handles parking in downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

The 62-page plan covers a dozen neighborhoods in the city’s core and makes 30 recommendations, such as the addition of electronic payments and reservations; a boot and tow policy; residential permits; and increased fines and fees.

In general, city staff said the consultant-led plan lays out a more comprehensive approach to dealing with the city’s parking issues. Brandon McGuire, assistant to the city manager, said a big part of the plan is modernizing the way parking is managed.

“So things like new metering technology that allows somebody to pay with something other than just a nickel, dime or quarter,” McGuire said. “We think that type of a system is going to go a long way to cutting down on the number of tickets that we issue.”

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