Parsons to negotiate fine, deadline in EPA consent order

A drainage way near Frisco Avenue likely will be improved as a result of an EPA compliance order.
Parsons city commissioners informally agreed to allow City Attorney Ross Albertini to work out the details with the Environmental Protection Agency on a supplemental environmental project. Albertini explained the project during the commission’s Thursday afternoon work session.
The city already was under an EPA consent order to reduce the amount of stormwater flowing to the wastewater treatment plant during heavy rain events and snow melts. Through infiltration of the city’s sanitary sewer system, the stormwater inundated the plant with more water than it could handle, forcing the plant to bypass untreated water into Labette Creek. The EPA gave the city a Dec. 31, 2017, deadline to correct the problem. Then during an audit of the city’s records and another inspection in 2016, the EPA found further violations at the plant and recently informed the city it was considering fining the city $32,000. The EPA also gave the city the same Dec. 31, 2017, deadline to correct the other problems.

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