City of Lawrence still plans for another 11 months of exemption from concealed carry law

Come July, where Lawrence residents can carry a concealed weapon may depend on whether they are walking into a building on the University of Kansas campus or a municipal building such as the public library.

The difference has to do with the beginning date of a four-year exemption to a state concealed carry law that went into effect July 2013. Universities and municipalities were allowed to submit a resolution declaring an exemption, and the City of Lawrence resolution did not count an initial six-month exemption period that was built into the original version of the law in its resolution, according to assistant city attorney Maria Garcia.

An amendment that states the exemptions will expire in July 2017 was added last year to the concealed carry law. However, Garcia said because the city’s resolution declaring an exemption until January 2018 was submitted before that expiration date was added, it continues to hold.

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