Sales tax helps improve Ottawa’s amenities

Without the 1.6 percent city sales tax, Ottawa would look much different, a city official said.
The past two years have been especially good with record sales tax collected each year. Ottawa received $3.175 million in sales tax in 2016, compared to $2.75 million in 2015. The difference is the nearly $417,000 collected from the half­cent sales tax voters approved in 2015 for the new Rock Creek Industrial Park.
“We ended up strong for the year,” Scott Bird, city finance director, said. “A lot is due with the implementation of the half­cent that started coming in, back in September.”
Ottawa’s total sales tax is 9.6 percent, which includes the state and county, Bird said.
Factor in the county’s 1 percent — a little more than $4.4 million was collected in 2016, according to the city’s sales tax receipt records — and the total adds up to more than $40 million spent on taxable goods and services in the county.

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