Elected officials take charge in McPherson

In McPherson, elected leaders take a more hands-on approach.

Though the terms “city commission” and “city council” may sound like synonyms, but slight differences between the two have significant effects on how a city operates, and ultimately, who calls the shots.

McPherson’s three-person commission assigns each member specific roles when elected.

The mayor, for example, oversees health and safety, the McPherson Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, police, firefighters and emergency responders. Another commissioner, Bob Moore, takes care of parks and facilities, while the third, Larry Wiens, handles streets and highways, wastewater, and planning and zoning.

In a city council structure, the council usually appoints a city manager, who is in charge of making all executive decisions under the council’s guidance. In a commission, the commissioners take a more active role in running departments.

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