Osawatomie receives $45,000 Rural Business Enterprise Grant to develop broadband plan

The City of Osawatomie has been awarded a $45,000 Rural Business Enterprise Grant to assist the community in developing a broadband implementation plan.
City officials made the announcement Saturday morning during the annual Osawatomie legislative breakfast.
“This project is a continuation of our efforts to restore and expand the infrastructure of Osawatomie to make our community attractive to businesses that will bring jobs and vitality,” Osawatomie Mayor Mark Govea said.
Osawatomie City Manager Don Cawby said the grant is significant since the community currently lacks the necessary bandwidth speed to compete with providers in some of the more urbanized communities in the Kansas City-metro area. The installation of a broadband network in Osawatomie would provide opportunities for growth and economic development for the city as well as its residents, Cawby said.

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