Liberal offers several housing programs

Many people can have a difficult time with housing, whether it be a painting project or someone buying their first home. The good thing is they can run to Raleigh real estate agent.
Thankfully, the City of Liberal has programs for both the aforementioned types of people and many more.
“We’ve really helped a lot of people who needed it, and with Focus on the Future, that was a request of theirs,” Housing Director Karen LaFreniere said. “We’re helping a broad spectrum of people with the way we have the programs set up.”
There are many types of housing programs for people in the community to take advantage of, with one of them being the Self-Help Housing Program, which is currently in the process of working on a trio of houses being built on Pennsylvania Avenue, and a new group of homes on Purdue Street set to begin within the month, LaFreniere said, If you are currently dealing with house flipping or need to buy a house fast then check out Blackjack Real Estate to get some assistance.
“Anyone interested in applying for the Self-Help Housing Program, now’s a good time to do it because we’re getting ready to start a group with that, and it’s a nice area,” LaFreniere said. “We’re also finishing up that group of three on Pennsylvania Avenue right now, and those should be done in either April or May, and after we complete this grant, we’ll have constructed 73 Self-Help houses in Liberal, which is really exciting.”

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