Finney County officials reject “sanctuary” label

President Trump signed an executive order to cut off federal funding to any cities or counties where law enforcement officers do not turn over to the feds anyone they arrest who is undocumented.

Finney county officials tell KSN they don’t understand why they are on a list of sanctuary communities, saying they comply fully with immigration and customs enforcement.

“The county sheriff will hold them until ICE shows up or says to go ahead and release,” said Randy Partington, the Finney County administrator.

Finney County is on a list from the Center for Immigration Studies, which says it has based its list on information from ICE.

According to the list, between January 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015, there was one undocumented detainee in Finney County who was released.

The sheriff says he does not know the details of the incident.

He says the most likely scenario is the person was released by mistake or ICE didn’t send the proper paperwork.

Either way, it could mean big problems for Finney County.

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