Hutchinson city officials on Eaton closing: “A significant hit to the community”

Eaton has been an employer in Hutchinson for almost 30 years. City officials said Wednesday’s announcement is a huge disappointment to the community.

“Those employees have had a vested interest for a long time at that facility, and certainly our thoughts and concerns are with them,” said Kirk Johnson, interim president for Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce.

With Eaton’s closing, Kirk Johnson tells KSN there will be a significant hit to the community.

“The loss of 100 jobs means, roughly, $3 million dollars in payroll,” he said.

However, city officials believe there is a silver lining to the closing.

“There are businesses who are looking for skilled workers, they have been looking for them, they will continue to look for them,” said Johnson. “That presents an opportunity for displaced workers, over the next 9-10 months from Eaton, to find gainful employment.”

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