Former Resident Investing in Coffeyville Housing

When former resident Peggy Steele returned to Coffeyville and saw the disrepair her grandmother’s house was in, she was heartbroken. The house, located at 1119 West 9th Street, had been abandoned and was in major disrepair. While in Coffeyville to attend a class reunion she heard about the tax sale taking place, and her grandmother’s house was listed.

“Looking back on that moment in time and seeing the address listed on the tax sale sheet became a call to action for me,” stated Peggy Steele in a memo she presented to the Coffeyville City Commission. Not only did Peggy purchase her grandmother’s house, she purchased 16 additional properties at the tax sale, and five of those had houses on them. She has also purchased the property at 1118 W. 9th (pictured) which is where her parents were living when she was born.

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