Osawatomie receives $400,000 CDBG grant to complete street improvements

The City of Osawatomie is receiving a $400,000 grant from the state to help finance the final phase of a multi-block, street-improvement project.
City officials learned last week that Osawatomie was selected as the recipient of a Community Improvement grant through the Kansas Small Cities Community Development Block grant program. The city formally applied for the grant again in October after it was passed over the year before.
The additional dollars will continue the city’s efforts to improve streets throughout the community. Funding for the first phase of the city street rehabilitation project was awarded in 2014. That project was completed in July.
This next phase will focus on upgrades to Main Street – from 7th-12th streets – including replacing the street pavement, sub-grade, curb and gutter, intersection aprons, pavement markings, permanent signing and utility adjustments.
Osawatomie City Manager Don Cawby said the city’s share of the project cost is estimated between $1.4 million and $1.8 once sidewalk and storm sewer work are added in. Sidewalk and storm sewer costs cannot be included in a city’s project application. Other additional project expenses include the installation of new lighting, which could cost a minimum $300,000.
Cawby said the city intends to apply its share – approximately $500,000 – in proceeds from the Miami County road and bridge sales tax to cover expenses. The city expects to receive those funds in late-2018. The remainder of the project will be funded through bonds.
“Main Street is the focus of rebuilding our infrastructure because it is the main corridor and front door to our community,” Cawby said. “We want to make sure it is not only functional, but is also an attractive corridor through our city.”
Cawby said city officials anticipate making continued improvements to Osawatomie’s streets and infrastructure, but will not be borrowing money at previous levels. Instead, officials will be considering non-debt funding options and make upgrades in-house to repair neighborhood streets and secondary roads.

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