Parsons may build its own dog shelter

After a local veterinarian opted out of a contract, the city of Parsons may have to eventually build a shelter for stray dogs.
The city has been without a place to shelter loose dogs caught by the animal control officer for the last few months. The city had taken the dogs to the Allen Veterinarian Center, 1425 N. 16th, where they would stay until the owners paid a kennel fee and a dog-at-large fine. Unclaimed dogs usually were euthanized. The vet center opted out of the contract on Oct. 15. Since then, the Parsons Police Department has been extremely lax on enforcement of the dog-at-large ordinance, only capturing vicious or dangerous dogs.
When looking at available buildings to remodel into a dog shelter, the city found only buildings that were unsuitable or in a neighborhood where a dog pound would be unwanted or in a floodplain. Police Chief Jason Sharp said during a Tuesday evening city commission meeting that he has exhausted all options to acquire a facility and it is time to look into building one.

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