Barton County estimates the ice storm cost them roughly $50,000

Barton County Commissioners received a recap at Tuesday’s meeting on how the ice storm this past weekend affected the area.

Barton County Road and Bridge Director Dale Phillips says crews began pre-treating roads with salt and sand on Friday afternoon. When the storm finally hit the Barton County area late Saturday afternoon, crews went back out to treat the roads the rest of the weekend, including Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, a day off for county workers.

Phillips was amazed by the vast majority of the public that listened to his advice to stay off the roadway, stating it helped.

Phillips told the commissioners the three to four days of storm cost the Road and Bridge Department roughly $50,000 in materials and manpower. The Department used 600 tons of material from their salt supplies for the weekend storm. Phillips noted the cost of the storm could have easily tripled had snow accumulated.

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