Topeka may need to win over opponents of abandoned property bill to avoid Brownback veto

For years, Kansas City Sen. David Haley has vehemently opposed legislation to make it easier for cities to gain control of abandoned property.

The city of Topeka plans to introduce this year’s version in the coming week, and if it wants the anti-blight measure to become law it may need Haley’s support. Gov. Sam Brownback, who vetoed last year’s bill, has told bill supporters to reach an agreement with opponents.

The governor, a Republican, singled out Haley, a Democrat, as someone who supporters should approach.

In an interview, Haley spoke of a family he knows to illustrate what he views as the bill’s pitfalls. The family’s mother has been in a nursing home since this summer, and her sons live out of state, he said. Meanwhile, the family home sits empty and unmaintained.

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