NRP helps with housing growth in Meade County

Recently, Meade County renewed its Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP), and economic development director Roger DeGarmo said the plan was developed five years earlier from a visit from a developer from northern Kansas.
“When he was looking to invest into the Meade County area, he had inquired whether we had this or not,” he said. “We had looked at it in the past, but never enacted it. We took a look at Clark County and Kearny and different other counties that have it, and the commissioners decided to go ahead with it.”
DeGarmo said the NRP, a rebate program, is for 10 years, but evaluations are made every five years to see how well it is working.
Anybody who spends over $10,000 for investment, if it qualifies with the appraiser, who basically administers the program, it doesn’t affect the existing taxes on their property,” he said. “If someone would take property and improve the value of it, on the improvement portion, that’s what qualifies in most cases for the NRP. They have to get approval before they start. On the first year, they go ahead and get billed for the taxes on the new part, but they have to rebate it in 30 days, providing they meet all the qualifications. The appraiser has to give the OK to the treasurer for that. It’s been pretty good for us.”

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