You can soon text 911 in Sedgwick County

911 in Sedgwick County will soon go beyond a phone call. The county is investing in new technology that will allow citizens to text and even send video. It’s called “Next Generation 911.”

“We will begin implementation, now that it’s signed off from the county commission,” said Director of Emergency Communications, Elora Forshee. “We’ll start with the project management phase of getting it going and set up, and so we don’t have a finalized day on that. We are hoping by the second quarter to have that up and going.”

Forshee said the changes you will notice are the ability to text 911 and send video. It will also help to better staff the center by predicting peak call times. The system costs $496,000 annually, but the county said it has been budgeting for this for years and has the money to do it.

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