City of Lawrence claims document request for housing discrimination lawsuit is burdensome, harassing

Everything from diary entries to drug tests may come into play in a housing discrimination case related to a local veteran.

The city claimed in November that landlords violated fair housing laws by refusing to rent to veteran Christopher Evans based on his disability and his use of an “emotional support dog.”
Attorneys for the landlords have denied that such discrimination occurred and are now requesting a host of documents as part of their rebuttal.

In addition to records related to Evans’ medical condition and the dog in question, the documents requested include diary entries from when Evans was in the army, employment applications since he was discharged and any drug test results for the past five years.

The attorney representing the city in the suit, David Brown, filed a request for protection from the document request on Tuesday. The filing states that the city does not have control of those records and that the request is “overly burdensome” and intended as harassment.

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