Chanute discusses improving city limits

City officials will look next year into improving Chanute’s city limits, with the hope that new electric rates will provide an incentive.
Chanute city commissioners at Tuesday’s final meeting of the year discussed the city boundaries and Mayor Phil Chaney said he would like to square up the city limits and include some city-owned properties.
Annually, if there have been any changes in the city’s boundaries, the commission is required by state law to adopt a resolution defining the revised boundaries. This year’s resolution adds the development of 35th Street east of the US-169 interchange and the Orizon plant on west 21st Street.
Chanute’s city limits have multiple areas where land is bordered on three sides by the city, including along Santa Fe Avenue south of 21st Street and along west Main Street.
“With these in-outs and stuff, it’s terrible,” Chaney said.

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