Osage County receives $63,000 tire bill

The Osage County Board of Commissioners discussed payment of the bills for a tire amnesty collection day held Nov. 3-5 at the Osage County Transfer Station. The collection was organized to fulfill an $8,000 fine assessed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, levied due to improper storage of tires.

“We need to talk about the tire bill,” said Glen Tyson, road and bridge supervisor.

Tyson said the bill from Champlin Tire Recycling, Inc., Concordia, came to $63,630.

“And that’s why we’re not going to do it again,” said Fred Diver, commissioner.

“It’s expensive,” said Ken Kuykendall, commissioner. “It did a lot of good, too.”

“That’s not even counting our costs,” Diver said.

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