Overland Park council allows chickens on property to help family with disabled child

It was touch-and-go for a while, but a split Overland Park city council eventually approved a permit allowing a family to keep the chickens that brighten the life of their disabled son.

The council voted 7-5 to grant a five-year special use permit for the family, who live in a part of southern Overland Park near Stilwell. In an earlier vote, the council rejected a more restrictive one-year permit that included a provision that the property be kept trash- and weed- free.

The request was made by Matt Bell, whose son Tyler, 11, has a sensory processing disorder that gives him anxiety about noises, sounds and smells. That anxiety makes it hard to get Tyler outside, where sun and insects prove to be too much for him, said Bell. However Tyler’s love of the chickens, which he considers his pets, brings him out into the fresh air, his father said.

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