Check out our updated website — with even more information about Municipal Bonds, Codes and Websites

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advisor-check-buttonOne of the more important new additions is the “Advisor Check” section. This allows local governments to make sure they are using a truly independent Financial Advisor when they are issuing bonds (and not just a bond counsel, bond underwriter, or broker-dealer). Under new federal regulations, it’s important to have an advisor that always putting your community’s interest first. Our “Advisor Check” section links you to a national database where all Financial Advisors need to be registered – and it also tells whether your advisor also has conflicts of interests (i.e., also acts as a broker-dealer).

Our Codification Service hosts the largest municipal code library in Kansas and continues to grow as more Kansas local governments sign up.

web-frontAnd, our new Civic Website section showcases our website product that pretty much pays for itself (in terms of savings on ordinance publication costs).

Contact Larry Kleeman for more information on any of these services.