Plumbing codes could increase women’s restrooms

If new plumbing codes are approved, women will have more bathroom space in restaurants, bars and buildings, Salina Building Services Director Jim Brown told the Salina City Commission during a study session Monday afternoon.

“You (women) do need more water closets,” he said. “It (plumbing code) will increase the number of plumbing fixtures, toilets and if you need any plumbing work done then contact plumbers irvine ca professionals.”

The existing code, based on occupation, requires one water closet (toilet) per 50 or more men and women. The new code would require one water closet per 30 population for women.

The study session was the second of two given by Brown over the new building codes for Salina. The codes have not been approved by the Salina City Commission. They will go into effect 90 days after they are approved, said Deputy City Manager Mike Schrage.

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