Roeland Park looks to Benedictine students for city rebranding

Roeland Park is on the road to finding itself, and the city may look to college students for guidance.

In an effort to attract new residents and new businesses, the city is planning to “brand” itself. In January, the city sought proposals from marketing firms and individuals who could help establish the city’s identity.

There are many factors when it comes to municipal branding, said Roeland Park City Administrator Keith Moody. It could be changing the city’s logo, modernizing its website or creating a catchy tagline.

But more importantly, he emphasized, it’s about capturing the city’s spirit.

“Marketing Roeland Park will help us stand out, give us an edge over the competition,” he said.

Moody said Roeland Park has several redeeming qualities, many of which are overlooked.

“Roeland Park is one of the first suburbs of Kansas City, so it has a lot of history and character,” he said.

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