Kansas bill aims to aid cities in controling abandoned properties

Good news for property owners in the capital city, if there’s an eye sore that’s weighing your whole neighborhood down, the city may soon be able to act.

“You see a neighborhood that has a property like this, it affects everyone around it,” said Whitney Damron, a lobbyist for the City of Topeka.

The city is inundated with complaints about blighted properties that have been abandoned, but up until now it’s been almost impossible to do anything without the property owner’s consent.

“The neighbors are the ones who truly suffer when we have issues like this. This is not a situation where we have code issues with resident tenants and land owners, this is situations where the owners literally cannot be found,” said Damron.

However, a bill now awaiting Governor Sam Brownback’s signature would allow local governments to step in and take action if a property has been abandoned for at least a year.

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