Neosho County discusses need for blasting

Neosho County’s supply of rock is running out, and county commissioners met Friday with the quarry foreman about blasting for more.
Quarry foreman Chris Hoagland requested authority and funding to blast at the Neely quarry. Hoagland said the county last blasted in November and he has enough rock for 50 miles of road work.
The county budgeted one blasting this year, and had rock left over from previous years. Officials anticipate a high demand for rock on a gravel road that will be an unofficial detour around bridge construction on K-39 east of Chanute this summer.
Hoagland said ECI, which conducted the last blasting, could do the work for the same price as before without the necessity of seeking bids.
“I’d prefer the bids but we’re in a jam,” Commission Chair David Bideau said.

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