Mock disaster tests emergency workers

Emergency and medical workers from four counties joined in conducting a disaster preparedness drill Thursday at Labette Community College’s gymnasium.
The drill involved setting up a shelter and medical care areas in the gym for Parsons residents affected by power outages from an ice storm. To complicate matters — other than the evident personality conflicts and mental health issues — some of those in the shelter suffered from a respiratory illness. Volunteers played the roles of the citizens seeking shelter and food while public health, medical, emergency preparedness, mental health, law enforcement and 911 employees played their parts …
Susan Belt is a public health preparedness coordinator under contract with the Southeast Kansas Health Care Coalition. She helped design the exercise to test preparedness, planning and training among the area agencies that join forces in the event of an actual disaster and are required to follow a coordinated plan to meet the community’s needs.
Belt said there were 38 volunteers, including those of school-age, who helped portray shelter residents.

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