Barton County attorney rejects school board recall petition

Barton County Attorney Doug Matthews late Friday afternoon rejected the petition filed to recall all the members of the USD 428 School Board, noting problems with the filing itself and because the allegations made were legally insufficient to warrant such action.
Matthews made his opinion known in a letter to County Clerk Donna Zimmerman. The letter was also sent to the members of the school board and those who had filed the petition.
According to state law, recall petitions for elected county officials are filed with the County Clerk’s Office which forwards them to the county attorney, whose responsibility it is to determine the sufficiency of the grounds stated. It was filed Thursday by Great Bend attorney Brock McPherson on behalf of a recall committee that included Michelle Oneil and Mike Gowans.
Matthews had up to five working days to make a ruling. However, it didn’t take that long.
“I have determined that the proposed petition is not substantially in the required form and that the allegations in support of recall are legally insufficient,” he said in the letter.

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