Lenexa cuts back on stray cat pickup

Cats on the loose may annoy bird lovers, but they are getting harder to confine because of their sheer numbers and space limitations at one of the county’s main animal shelters.

Lenexa recently joined the list of cities that won’t pick up what shelter officials call “community cats,” that are on the prowl but aren’t sick and haven’t bitten.

The city recently told its residents that its animal control officers will no longer respond to most calls about cats unless the cat appears injured or sick or otherwise poses a danger.

The decision was mostly due to changes at the Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, said Dan Friesen, public information officer with the Lenexa Police Department.

Animal control will still pick up cats that appear to be sick or dangerous, he said. But no longer can they take the ones that hang out in alleyways and around bird feeders, although an officer may try to help identify the cat’s owner.

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