Cost of fighting grassfires getting expensive for fire departments

Dozens of grass fires just in the last couple of weeks have had small town fire departments running practically non-stop. They’re starting to pay the price for all that hard work.

Some smaller departments in rural Kansas have already spent more on equipment repair and maintenance this year than they had budgeted for the entire year. And there’s still a second fire season in the fall to deal with.

"We’ve had probably more big fires than we normally have in a year, already," said Capt. Johnnie Jones with the Butler Co. Fire Department, District 9 in Leon.

We’ve seen it time and again over the last couple of months, fire trucks rushing to a grass fire, crews working long hours to keep the flames from spreading to homes.

"It’s rough country, you know? And you tear up trucks," said Jones. "Plus, you know, we’re a totally volunteer department. We’ve got guys taking off work to be here."

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