Augusta and Andover enter into partnership

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Augusta-Andover partnership for utility extensions to service the Augusta Municipal Airport and Epic Sports development.

While Andover has been working with Epic Sports over the past year, Augusta has been working with Global Parts to finalize the sale of the midfield complex at the airport so they can expand manufacturing operations and fulfill several large contracts for plane retrofits, repairs and maintenance.
… with two large scale projects in the works, the two communities have been working together to plan out utility extensions that are mutually beneficial.

Augusta and Andover would split the construction cost 50/50 for the natural gas line and recoup costs as users connect to the line. Airport uses should be able to tap for free because of the proximity to airport property.
Andover will build the sewer infrastructure and lift station as part of the Epic Sports development. Augusta will pay to connect sewer mains to the lift station at a later date after Andover’s grant obligations have been satisfied (at least one year later).

(Read more: – Butler County Times Gazette)

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