Goats, sheep may be your new neighbors under proposed Lawrence city code for urban agriculture

Growing and raising your own food can be “empowering” — and vital for some households in achieving food security, said Helen Schnoes, food systems coordinator for Douglas County.

And now, Lawrence residents are close to getting more options for what they can grow, what animals they can raise, and how they can distribute their homegrown goods. The Lawrence City Commission will soon review guidelines for urban agriculture that would allow, among other things, goats, sheep and bee colonies within city limits.

“It’s in line with a national conversation on what it means to produce food in the city,” Schnoes said. “Nothing is out of line with other cities when thinking about how to support citizens’ interest in expanding local food systems and allowing for small-scale urban farming production. But we’re putting our own unique Lawrence spin on it because we’re Lawrence, and that’s what we do.”

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