Former Seward County District Attorney Don Scott proves retirement isn’t for everyone

After serving as the Seward County Attorney for a quarter of a century, Don Scott had decided to step down from the post in 2014 and retire.

However, retirement could not keep Scott down for very long, and after a few months of debating whether or not to come back to work, he decided to do just that and come out of retirement.

“I’ve always believed if you have a skill set or talent, you have some obligation to the community to participate and you don’t just quite being a lawyer.,” Scott said. “I’ve also always had a lot of respect for Steve [Brooks] and this is an old firm so when I decided to start working again, I approached him about working here. A couple of the judges had talked to me about the need for someone to do criminal appointments, and my wife is still working so I decided to come back.”

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