Shorthanded 911 center vital link in county’s emergency response

With 23 years on the job, Edna Brubaker has developed a way to cope with the stress of her job as shift supervisor with Douglas County Emergency Communications.

“I don’t take my job home with me,” she said. “I like to go home and relax and not think about work.”

Her boss, Douglas County Emergency Communications director Randy Roberts, said Brubaker’s temperament and approach have made her the second-longest serving dispatcher in the department. It’s a job that is not for everyone, he said. Many can’t deal with the stress of handling life-and-death incidents, the tension of providing response details to the 20 agencies the department serves, or the dispatchers’ unusual schedule, he said.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for dispatchers, because it’s not an easy position to be in,” he said. “It’s a 12-hour shift in that room where you can be exposed to very stressful situations.

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