New Quenemo council members selected by secret ballot

Following the resignation of mayor Adam Anderson last month, the Quenemo City Council was ready for reorganization at the March 1 meeting.

Former council president Ron Parker was sworn in mayor…

“We’ve got Bruce Rose, Dennis Devin, Ashley Moore, Don Carson and Gene Roberts,” said Parker, naming those interested in the council seat. …

The council proceeded to use and fill out paper ballots, passing back to Parker once voting was completed. A complaint has since been filed by the Herald-Chronicle, alleging the vote constitutes a secret ballot, which is a violation of the Kansas Open Meetings Act.

Parker then tallied the votes, counting one for Ashley Moore, three for Dennis Devin and two for Bruce Rose.

“Bruce Rose and Dennis Devin’s going to be your new council members,” said Parker. “So we need to get them swore in.”

(Read more: Osage County Herald-Chronicle)

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