Salina tackles burrowing badgers

Badgers undermining the city’s levee system and a temporary halt to approving new subdivisions were among the issues dealt with at Monday’s Salina City Commission meeting.

Commissioners approved the use of spring-steel conibear traps along the levee by city employees to help get rid of the badgers recently found to be burrowing into the levee at several locations.

“These holes are significant and could cause damage to the system,” said city Operations Manager Jm Teutsch, explaining that the badger burrows are about a foot in diameter, several feet deep and can run 30 feet or more.

Such tunnels, he said, can provide a path for water to go through the levee, and could cause it to fail when it’s holding back water.

Vanessa Cowie, the city’s animal services manager, said the traps are generally prohibited in the city because of safety concerns, but noted that badgers are too clever to walk into live traps.

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