Grant helps control feral cat program

An effort to reduce the feral cat population in Pratt County resulted in a mass spaying and neutering Saturday morning at the Sunflower Veterinarian clinic in the northeast quadrant of the county.
Grant money from the South Central Community Foundation and Youth Making a Difference covered the cost of the “Nip and Tip” event. A grant of $1,250 was given Pratt Area Humane Society for the project.
Feral cats from Preston and Stafford were captured in live animal traps and taken to the clinic for spaying, neutering and vaccinations. The animals were then returned to the area they were captured and released, said veterinarian Pam Howell.
About 30 cats underwent the procedure that requires 20 minutes for spaying and 5 minutes for neutering. The cats are placed under local anesthesia for the procedure. The anesthesia lasts for a couple of hours.

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