Vacancies are few in tight Garden City rental market

Almost as soon as news broke last month that Garden City Community College planned to purchase a neighboring apartment complex to address its student housing shortage, Amanda Janda of A&C Rentals started getting calls asking if her company had any apartments available to rent.

“People have been calling like crazy for one-bedroom apartments,” Janda said.

A&C Rentals owns 125 rentals in town, including apartments, duplexes and houses. Like other local landlords and rental management companies, Janda said her company currently has no vacancies.

Kraig Ransonette, owner of TNT Management, has 231 rental units in the Garden City area and also has no current vacancies.

It isn’t certain how many landlords or rental management properties there are in Garden City, but Ransonette believes that between apartments, duplexes, houses and rooms for rent, there are at least 7,500 rental units in the area.

The Telegram contacted 14 landlords or rental companies in the Garden City/Holcomb area… which together own 1,525 rental units. Collectively, they only have 50 rental units available, or just a little more than 3 percent of their units.

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