School finance fix could cost some districts millions in state aid

The Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley school districts stand to lose millions of dollars in state aid next school year if lawmakers restore the state’s old equalization formula.

The Olathe district would lose about $760,000. Several area school districts and some Wichita area districts would receive more in state aid, although some of that money would go toward property tax relief.

Restoring the old formula might be the easiest solution to a state Supreme Court order to fix inequities among school districts, at least from a legal perspective. But it could prove almost impossible to accomplish politically.

Johnson County lawmakers, who make up the biggest delegation in the state, already are saying they oppose the restoration.

“The court presents only one certain option to satisfy equity: taking from some districts to give to others,” House Speaker Ray Merrick, a Stilwell Republican, said in a statement. “This is a clear illustration of the unfairness of the old school finance formula.”

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