Renovated BiCenter attracts bigger names to Salina

The renovations already have attracted Rascal Flatts, 2016 Academy of Country Music Award nominee for Group of the Year, for a March 18 show.

“I think it is the first domino to fall. We are getting a pretty big concert into this facility. A good part of that is because the renovations are now complete,” Boryczki said. “If they come in and have a good experience, have a lot of fun, it’s going to lead to more events like that wanting to come through Salina.

“That’s part of our goal, and we are going to continue to see it move in that direction.”

Boryczki said response from the Monster Trucks fans who hadn’t already seen the improvements were, “ ‘Wow. Look at what they did to this place.’ All of the compliments have been huge. They are going to spread the word.”

Improvements necessary

The Bicentennial Center was built in 1979. Renovation plans were presented to the Salina City Commission after Comcast Spectacor took over management of the entertainment facility in 2012. Commissioners approved funding for the renovations in November 2014.

Despite the 2015 renovations, which included a companion maids, heating and air-conditioning system, electrical work, foundation and structure improvements and tons of new steel, the center hosted 250 events in 2015, 50 more than in 2014.

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