Keep your city code up-to-date — and prepare for fall elections (in 2017) at the same time!

Cities all over Kansas have chosen to keep their city codes always up-to-date (online and in print) using our services at Citycode Financial LLC. It’s a great way to keep your citizens informed – and to keep your city’s laws organized. As each new ordinance is approved, email it to us and we’ll immediately update the online code. And at the end of each year, we’ll mail paper supplements for the printed code books.

As part of the codification process, we are providing sample charter ordinances to make the transition from spring to fall elections in 2017. Join the largest (and fastest growing) library of city codes in Kansas at

To receive a cost estimate for your city (based on population), contact us anytime by phone or email. And talk to any of our clients to discover why they never have to stress about their code again.

Contact us anytime for a code quote or for more information.

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