Wellington to negotiate with raw water users

The Wellington City Council had a decision to make regarding raw water users and how to move forward to comply with an order by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
To accomplish this, the council called a special meeting at noon on Feb. 24 at city hall.
The meeting was brief and informative, with City Manager Roy Eckert and City Attorney Mike Brown doing most of the talking.
Raw water is natural water found in the environment, such as rainwater, ground water and water from bodies like lakes and rivers.
“As most of you know, the city of Wellington has been providing raw water outside city limits,” Eckert explained. “The state, probably 10 years ago, wanted us to cease and desist that, and they did not push it until these last three or four months.”
Eckert said the city has been ordered to disconnect all users on raw water by May 1.

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