Let the healing begin, Hesston officials tell residents

City officials told residents Sunday during a town hall meeting their community was ready to start the healing process.

It was the first time since the deadly shootings on Thursday that residents could come together to ask direct questions to their officials.

The investigation process of the shootings is drawing to an end, Mayor David Kauffman told about 60 residents who had gathered Sunday afternoon in the commons area of Hesston High School.

He spoke of city leaders, wanting to publicly thank the heroes during the shootings with a recognition ceremony.

City administrator Gary Emry said he could describe the past 72 hours only as “unbelievable.”

“It is the only word I can conjure up for this,” Emry said. “It is simply unbelievable. The response from tragedy from every agency involved and citizens in the community has been overwhelming and amazing. We have had more than 400 law enforcement personnel here, including the FBI, KBI, ATF and most other law enforcement agencies around the region.”

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