Hesston is thankful for police hero who stopped shooter

“The Hesston police chief, in particular, went in immediately,” Brownback said, referring to Doug Schroeder. “Rather than even waiting on backup, he went right in and did heroic duty and service.”

That’s exactly what locals like Mick Petrocci thought.

“We had a pretty good feeling last night it was Doug (Schroeder); we just didn’t know for sure,” said Petrocci, co-owner of Hesston True Value. “We heard it was a bald-headed officer, and there aren’t too many bald-headed officers in town.”

Petrocci said Hesston officers train well and instincts kicked in Thursday evening.

“Doug knew what he had to do,” Petrocci said. “The term heroic comes out, but you also think how dangerous it was and how brave it was.”

Brownback’s confirmation made the rounds around town in the early afternoon as people stopped for soda at Casey’s General Store or for a burger-and-fry lunch at Skoops, or drove by Excel Industries to see investigators combing for clues outside and reporters setting up live shots.

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