Wellsville city clerk loves close-knit, progressive community

She sees first-hand the kindness of the community.

Tammy Jones has worked for the City of Wellsville for eight years, two of those as the city clerk, managing everything from water bills, cemetery plots and court fines, to prepping for city council meetings twice a month and going through her first election cycle.

By having a close connection to the city, she sees how the community behaves.

“I see how everyone tends to come together for people who have major illnesses,” Jones, 50, Wellsville, said. “We’ve had a teacher who had cancer, we had a young boy who (suffered from) seizures and everybody did a GoFundMe for his dog. If anybody needs help, you pretty well can guarantee you are going to get it from this community. They are very giving and a close-knit community and that is what they pride themselves on.”

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